Friday, September 21, 2012

Two Bags are Better than One!

You don't have to carry a designer bag that costs more than a car to look cool. 


There are three factors that I consider in buying bags -- color, price and durability. I didn't mention beauty because I believe aesthetics should be non-negotiable when it comes to shopping for bags or any fashion item for that matter. Color is the first on my list because I don't like to buy any thing with a color that doesn't complement any of the stuff in my closet. Price is also a key motivator for me. Most often than not, I get to buy the bag I am eyeing on if it's on sale or it costs just about Php1,000.00  or less. Lastly, I won't be able to bring home my target bag if the material looks cheap, old, and tattered.

Two weeks ago, I got the chance to drop by the Celine store in Glorietta 5 and checked out the items on their display rack. I gasped upon seeing the discount price sign. The salesman laughed at me when I asked him "Kuya, talaga bang lahat ng bags 999 lang???" When he said yes, I immediately scoured all the racks. My eyes were beaming with joy. There were so many   options -- the black satchel, cream sling bag with brown and yellow prints, gray and the violet tote, among many other fabulous finds.  After a few minutes, my choices were down to these two -- a caramel colored bowler bag and a dark blue handbag with brown and light pink accents. I told the salesman it's so hard to choose between the two. He laughed again. After a few more minutes,  I ended up paying for both! Hahaha 

Have a glimpse of these bags and find out if you can choose between the two.



I bought these two bags for only Php999 (US$24) each and thus only paid less than Php2,000 (US$48)! Smart buy indeed!

If you're a petite lady like me, I suggest you also consider the size when buying your next bag. Medium-size purses are the best option for you. An overly small bag highlights your diminutive frame, while the enormous one overwhelms it. Remember that square and rectangular bags go well with round petite women, while round bottom bags suit the lean petite gals. 

 For more useful bag shopping tips, just scroll down. :)

1. It doesn't hurt to pay more if you want an investment bag or something that you intend to use for a long time.
2. Go for cheaper but trustworthy brands if you fancy seasonal colors, prints and materials. You may also scout for discounted signature brands in surplus shops and outlet stores. 
3. When buying bags with markdown prices, make sure to choose those with classic look (style and color) to get to use them  for every season.
4. If you just want an additional bag to your collection, it's best to wait for the end of season sale and inventory sale to help avoid breaking your bank. 

So when's your next bag shopping day? :)

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